Home - Prerequisites

Before you attempt anything on this site, do this first

DO :-

  1. Learn about wealth creation. I have written about wealth here.

  2. Learn how to be self-employed. You will need to inform your tax office and have a chat with an accountant to ensure you have the basics.

  3. Be In Good Health. If you are constanly ill you won't be able to work.

  4. Get out of Debt. This is a good thing to do in any situation but essential here.

  5. Controll Your Spending. Learn disapline. Don't buy unnecessary junk.

  6. Setup some kind of Passive Income. How to earn money without doing a lot.

DON'T :-

  1. Tell your boss to stick his/her job up their rear-end ! It looks good in the movies, but if things don't work out you might need a way back.

  2. Quit your job and make a major purchase Use your current job to pay for these.

  3. Go into this purely for the money You must enjoy what you will be doing otherwise it won't work out.